In the process of internationalization, rehuo lighting needs to supplement all kinds of talents as soon as possible. For the talent entry of the company, we set the following basic standards:
01.Having both ability and political integrity is the employment standard of hot partners. We especially emphasize the importance of morality in talent quality.
Strict background investigation must be carried out in recruitment to assess the integrity of candidates. The company does not allow candidates without background investigation, especially candidates at the level of manager or above, to join the company.
02.Hot partners put forward the following strict requirements on Talents

1. Those with insufficient integrity and moral defects will never be hired. Including the corruption of life style, the company has a strict zero tolerance attitude. In terms of social ethics, hot partners also put forward strict requirements for employees. For traditional Chinese virtues, such as filial piety to parents, hot guys require employees to do it. Those who have virtue and talents in the company are exceptionally important; Those with virtue but no talent should be cultivated and used; Those who have talent but no virtue must be eliminated.

2. Employees who undermine the unity within the company must be eliminated.

3. Employees who dare to trample the company's rules, regardless of their level, must be dealt with seriously, and those who have a consistent attitude must be eliminated.

4. Employees who seek personal gains by working for the public and are unfaithful to the company must be eliminated.

5. Employees with mediocre performance and full of reasons must be eliminated.

6. Employees who flatter, haggle over every ounce, shift responsibility, and take pride in their achievements must be eliminated.

03.Hot partners have the following standards for the identification of talents

All actions are oriented by maximizing the overall interests of hot partners, and require:

① Good conduct; ② Loyalty and responsibility; ③ Obey the overall situation; ④ Proficient in major; ⑤ Result oriented;

⑥ Dedication and enterprising; ⑦ Self discipline and preciseness; ⑧ Altruism and win-win; ⑨ Gratitude and dedication; ⑩ Full of positive energy.

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